The Role of New Male Leadership

SHEleader in a SHELL, vol. 10

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In Women's month, SHEleader in a SHEll has a special edition for you - we will present the male viewpoint on the topic of engaging more women in the digital industry. During the month of March news and public agenda are full of statistics and data that reveal the serious and still unresolved challenges to women's participation in various spheres of society. One of the spheres where the European Union continues to experience serious difficulties is the digital industry - only 17% of ICT employees in the EU are women. Bulgaria is the positive leader in the ranking with 28% but it is also not satisfactory.

We, in the Bulgarian Center for Women in Technology (BCWT), always search for solutions and good examples by stimulating dialogue and cooperation. That is why on March 16 we will meet you with one of the successful representatives of the new generation of male leaders in the digital industry - Alex Popov from Uber Engineering Sofia. We will talk about professional development in the perceived as "male" #deeptech field as well as will understand more about Uber Engineering’s experience in attracting women. We will also discuss how to create an inclusive environment that stimulates the talent of both women and men, as well as what the role of the new generation of male leaders is in overcoming the stereotypes and prejudices in the ICT.

Join us on March 16 and will learn also:

What are the challenges in the digital industry on a global level and in Bulgaria?

How has the technological sector developed during the pandemic - what are the problems and what are the new opportunities?

How to lead a team in a tech company?

Why has Alex returned to Bulgaria after a successful career abroad?

What are the lessons from his professional involvement in three #startups that have turned into #unicorns?

What is the path to developing a successful career in a large international company?

Why should the digital industry’s challenges in engaging more women be a permanent part of the public agenda and not just statistics in the news during the month of March?

Moderator of the discussion: Sasha Bezuhanova, founder of BCWT.

Who is Alex Popov?

Alex Popov has 20 years of experience in the #software #industry and a strong track record as a leader of tech teams. Alex has led the Uber Engineering team in Sofia for more than 2 years. The professionals in the capital build products that are an integral part of the Critical Path of the Uber platform. The team in Sofia has grown almost 4x since its establishment and continues its successful development.

Before Uber, Alex worked at Skyscanner in the UK and co-founded and led the engineering team of the company in Sofia. He has also led teams at Kayak in Boston.

Alex is involved with the #startup #community in Bulgaria as #mentor in the Endeavour network and angel investor.

Meet Alex on March 16 at 6 PM EET. You can ask questions during the live streaming. Register now and will receive a free link. SHEleader in a SHEll, vol.10: “The Role of New Make Leadership" is backed by the “Crisis as an Opportunity” Post-COVID Supporting Program of the Sofia Municipality, administered by SofiaLab. MOVE.BG is the communication partner of SHEleader in a SHEll.


March 16, 2021 to March 16, 2021
18:00 to 19:00


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Club by MOVE.BG, ulitsa "Serdika", Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Center for Women in Technology (BCWT) is an organization that inspires, motivates and supports girls and women to find their place in the digital world. We work to support women's leadership and increase women's professional participation in the digital industry, science and entrepreneurship. BCWT initiates and cooperates in the implementation of regional innovative projects, organizes trainings and thematic events and stimulates research collaboration, exchange of good practices and resource mobilization in the ICT sector. The founders and the members of the Center believe that the more women in Bulgaria and in the world become part of the development of the digital industry, the more successful and diverse our products and companies will be in the future.