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NFTix - NFT Tickets on Plentix
NFT Tickets

NFTix are here to disrupt how we do things. In a good way

Empower your audience to have a lasting memory and do more with the help of  blockchain technology.

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What is NFT Tickets?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens… but we can just as easily say Non-Fungible tickets. This is a unique category of tickets that organizers, sports clubs, or artists/performers issue themselves. NFTix are programmable and have a native certificate of authenticity. In addition, they can be accompanied by a physical artistic ticket that serves as a collectible for the ages.

Blockchain & NFT benefits

Hint: What is blockchain? It’s basically a technology that has been integrated in a lot of industries worldwide. Blockchain provides a decentralized database and records that ensure security, transparency, and trustless dealings. Non-fungible tokens are one of the applications of this technology and NFTix is how we implement that break-though in our events platform.

Additional Values

Give additional value to buyers with perks only limited by your imagination.

Collectible Value

Use the tickets as “collectibles” and earn additional royalties after they are resold in the popular marketplaces.


Check the rock-hard solid authenticity of the tickets at any point on the blockchain.

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Valuable asset

The ticket itself has a collectible value. Use it as a valuable asset to trade or to hold and sell at some point in the future.

An option to sell

Resell the ticket in case you can’t attend the event.

Perks and incentives

Receive perks and incentives from event organizers via NFTix®.

Community clubs

You will be accepted to closed clubs or closed events that are only for the special “tickets” holders. This could be either organizer-driven or community-driven.

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Use cases

An NFT is a programmable asset. That’s why it’s literally limited only by your imagination. These are a few examples of what kind of NFT tickets you can use in different industries:

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Limited only by your imagination.

Plentix has always transformed the event industry and NFT tickets on the blockchain are one of our latest revolutionary innovations.

Good news: You’re not alone because we’re here to help!

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