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most streamlined event organisation Process

Plentix is made for organizers but loved by attendees, as well. If this is not enough for you to give it a try read more… oh and it’s also free!

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Reshaping the event industry

We offer you the most streamlined event organization process. And strive to reshape the event industry to serve your core goal - connecting people through shared experiences.

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Transparent pricing

We, more than anyone understand that doing what you love sometimes comes at a price. That's why you can use everything on Plentix™ without paying a dime... for free events.

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Passionate team

Each of our team members has great stories and involvement with the event industry. We all know how it gives joy, changes lives and expands human connection.

Plentix is a one-stop Shop for any event.

With Plentix you can do everything you need to organize events right in the platform. Create events, Market & share with your audience, sell tickets, track progress and save time and money from using multiple tools. But plentix is also great for event goers.

Supporting each partner

Trust starts with understanding. And understanding comes from conversation, not statistics. We strive to give our partners a say in the development of the platform. This dialogue allows us to provide you with the tools and expertise you need.

Removing barriers of entry

Technology allows each and every one of us to gather people together. Our company's role at this stage is to make this connection as easy as possible. We provide the education and inspiration you need in order to become the best event organizer you can be.

Reach broader audience

Doing sales is not easy, we know that from the hundreds of conversations we have each day with organizers. If nothing else plentix's users are another set of eyeballs that might be interested in your event.

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Feel secure about your ticket purchases

Buying tickets for events is sometimes painful because of the uncertainties around the validity of the ticket or the happening of the event. The pandemic situation has shown us how hard it is to get your money back or any kind of assistance if the event gets cancelled. Using Plentix the refund is automatic and usually fast for 90% of the events.

Curated list of event options catered to your taste

Plentix is a place to find like-minded people and find what you prefer. Not everybody likes rock, hip-hop... educational content or cultural events like exhibitions and live opera performances. So let the platform give u suggestions and discover great events with it.

Everything you need in one platform

Plentix is your home for events. A way to find out about, share, and book events, as well as coordinate with your friends. And find people with common interests to share experiences that change lives.

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NFT Tickets - Modern tech is here!

Use blockchain and NFTs to offer your audience more than just great experience at your events.

  • Unique collectible from the event
  • More special perks for the NFT ticket holder
  • Invest / trade on secondary markets
  • Many more NFT related perks

Loaded with the tools you need

The beaten path will not always get you there.

We give you tools that add new ways you can approach your work and remove the strain from organizing events. This attitude of pushing forward allows you to have the most versatile event toolset out there at all times.

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What we have so far ?

Revenue send to organizers
Events executed
Tickets sold
Free tickets generated

So what can you do on Plentix?

  • For Organizers
  • Public Listing
  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Share Functionalities
  • Embed ticket sales to your website
  • Customizable checkout forms
  • For Event Goers
  • Simple & quick booking process
  • Events Calendar
  • Share with friends
  • Friends' events feed
  • Control your personal data
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Irina's Quote about Plentix & Evedo

Plentix helps us achieve our goals & reach more people. I love it! It’s user-friendly, the support is very fast so Plentix makes it easier!

Irina Altanova
Administrative coordinator @  MOVE.BG

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