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Brand Minds

#BrandMinds - Phenomenal thinkers inspiring the world.

Place: Strada Zăgazului 21-25, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

BRAND MINDS is a global concept of events about BUSINESS STRATEGY delivered by world-famous thinkers. BRAND PHILOSOPHY:
BRAND MINDS is a metaphor that refers to phenomenal minds that leave an impactful mark on the world.
BRAND MINDS are those brilliant thinkers and doers who are writing history, today.
OUR VISION is to inspire people to create a better world.
We strive to create business events that offer a remarkable experience. The end goal is to improve people's lives by giving them access to world-famous business thinkers and valuable growth opportunities that help them build sustainable companies, now and for the following generations.
OUR MISSION is uniting the business world, through outstanding events.

Why the business world?
Because the business world fosters those major decision-makers taking humanity to the next level through innovation and change.
We are striving to provide our attendees with the highest service quality and treat their goals and objectives as they were our own. Exceeding their experience expectations is our goal for continuous evolution.
Being open, honest, and fair with our customers and business partners is the firm foundation on which we build a business.
Striving to improve and innovate BRAND MINDS' experiences and do the right thing to support our clients is our main focus for each event. Leading by example and setting high industry standards is one of the leadership models that we apply.
Delivering exceptional results to our clients and their customers starts with a proactive teamwork culture. We are committed to encourage and support the professional development of each team member, partner, or attendee, as they progress through their career.
We will continuously strive to be the best in what we do. Earning and maintaining our leadership position as a premium provider of business experiences is reinforced with each company and entrepreneur that develops after attending BRAND MINDS.
We believe that ART is the ultimate form of CREATIVITY and it stands at the foundation of INNOVATION. Art is about being remarkable just as businesses need to stand out in order to thrive and evolve in the ever-changing economical ecosystem.

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Strada Zăgazului 21-25, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
Strada Zăgazului 21, Bucuresti, Bucuresti, Romania