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2key network — QUIZ & AMA

Tuesday November 3 at 14:00 UTC

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quiz & ama

🔹Project tease:
— 2key recently launched 0-gas-cost PPC SmartLinks to further decentralize people's ability to refer & earn!
— 2key DEXs markeplace is seeing steady growth and now has 504 different tokens available to swap.
— With 2key, transform any URL into a SmartLink to incentivize viral sharing!

🔎 Research the project to be able to both ask and answer questions about it!

🎉 $150 of prizes split between 10 winners: 3 on Twitter and 7 on Telegram (t.me/GainsChat)!

Hint: read their Blog (2key.network/blog) articles, particularly (2key.network/ppc-sm...) these (2key.network/blog-p...) three (t.me/Two_key/450) to learn more.

Website (2key.network/)
Telegram (t.me/twokey_official)
Medium (medium.com/2key)
Blog (2key.network/blog)
Twitter (twitter.com/2keyNetwork)


November 03, 2020 to November 03, 2020
15:00 to 17:00


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Paris, France