Ethics of AI: Why and How to Advance AI Gender Equity?

SHEleader in a SHEll, vol. 15

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Join us on December 9 at 6 PM EET (5 PM CET) for a digital art dialogue between Albena Baeva, Co-Founder of a platform for new performance instruments Ruanabout project, and Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder of BCWT.

Digital technologies transform nearly all aspects of our life, including art and culture. Moreover, a new wave of artists has emerged and taken international attention by creating an innovative type of culture - the so-called digital art or new media art.

AI should be embraced by humans and has the ability to drive us to an unprecedented level of creativity, productivity and social advancement. COVID-19 accelerates this to a greater extent with now more and more jobs involving interface with applications that use AI. A McKinsey report on AI and gender bias states that the number of occupational transitions women will have to make might grow by 25% or more simply because the pandemic has been so disruptive. Is this something we can ignore? How can women use this AI proficiency and the artistic personality to advance gender equity instead of dwelling on gender bias?

On December 9, we will be hosting the 15th Edition of SHEleader in a SHEll with Albena Baeva who works at the intersection of art, technology and social science. She is a visual artist, curator and producer. In her interactive installations for urban spaces and galleries, she uses ML and AI, physical computing, creative coding, and DIY practices. Her work was showcased in museums for contemporary art, galleries and festivals for video and performance globally.

We will be discussing the amount of change that has taken place with regard to AI and how the pace has accelerated the growth of the digital creative industry. We will also address other topics:

How can AI empower communities facing gender-related violence?
Is digital art able to weaken the prejudice that AI is a male dominated field?
Does the term ‘art’ imply femininity? What’s the international perception?
COVID-19 has been very disruptive with digital professions on the rise and women better equipped to conquer the digital sector. Do you believe this poses a good opportunity for moving away from gender bias?

Moderator of the discussion: Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder and Chair of BCWT.

Join us at 6 PM EET (5 PM CET) on December 9. Register here and get a link for the conversation. You can also support BCWT activities with a donation.


December 09, 2021 to December 09, 2021
17:00 to 18:00


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Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Center for Women in Technology (BCWT) is an organization that inspires, motivates and supports girls and women to find their place in the digital world. We work to support women's leadership and increase women's professional participation in the digital industry, science and entrepreneurship. BCWT initiates and cooperates in the implementation of regional innovative projects, organizes trainings and thematic events and stimulates research collaboration, exchange of good practices and resource mobilization in the ICT sector. The founders and the members of the Center believe that the more women in Bulgaria and in the world become part of the development of the digital industry, the more successful and diverse our products and companies will be in the future.